Ideas Competiton


6.1 Open competition

This is an open, ideas competition with two categories of entry, professionals (Rising Stars) and lay entrants (Creative Community).

No employee or member of London Borough of Merton, nor of Love Wimbledon, nor of the Design Council may enter the competition. Any relationship with an employee, member of the above or the judging panel must be declared in the application.

6.2 Anonymity

Entry material should be submitted without name, logo, icons or any other distinguishing marks that could identify the entrant in any way. Entries with any such features will not be accepted. Entrants should register online.

You will be emailed an entry form and unique reference number and instructions on how to submit your entry. All materials submitted must prominently show the unique reference number. The competition entries will be anonymous to the judging panel.

6.3 Categories

The file name of all entry materials submitted electronically must consist of the name of the category; “RISING STARS” or “CREATIVE COMMUNITY” and the unique reference number only.

6.3.1 Rising star entrants

Entrants should be individual urban designers, town planners, architects, landscape designers or soon to be qualified professionals.

Entrants may, but not necessarily need to be already working within a professional built environment consultancy. But it is always the individual, and not the company or partnership that we wish to apply.

The minimum qualification is an undergraduate degree in a related discipline recognised by the relevant UK professional body. Citizens from outside the UK are equally welcome to apply, as long as their degree would be recognised in the UK by the relevant professional body. 

Entrants for this category must ensure that their employers or business partners have no objection to their entering the competition as an individual.

Note: Please note, futureWimbledon, as part of the local authority, London Borough of Merton, is restricted by legislation in the way it appoints consultants. Applicants under this category should satisfy themselves that they would be eligible to be appointed as a consultant design champion, and would have the correct qualifications and approvals to work in the UK.

6.3.2 Creative community entrants

Within this group we wish to encourage any individual or group who feel they have something to say about Wimbledon Town Centre, to apply. There is no requirement for professional qualifications. Entrants may be individuals or they may enter as part of a community or business group. Applicants may be from anywhere in the world.

6.4 Judging panel

The names and qualifications of the panel judges are published on this website. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure continuity, the partners cannot unconditionally commit to maintain this panel throughout the process. If for any reason a member of the judging panel needs to withdraw, the partners will replace him or her with a new person of similar professional background and standing.

6.5 Judging decisions

The decision of the judging panel is final. At completion of the competition the judges will publish a short report outlining how they came to their decision.

6.6 Cost of entry

There is no entry fee for this competition, neither are any drawings or documents made available to competitors. Information about Wimbledon town centre is available online at:

6.7 Scope

The area under consideration is shown on the accompanying map in section 2.0. This is for illustrative purposes only. Competitors are welcome to consider areas immediately adjoining the established town centre as well. The key area of focus is around Wimbledon Station. 

6.8 Pre-selected competitors

There are no pre-selected teams or individuals.

6.9 Disputes

The judging panel’s decision is final.

6.10 Copyright

The intellectual property rights for each submission remain with the author(s) of the submission.

Love Wimbledon, the London Borough of Merton (futureMerton), Design Council and NLA all reserve the right to publish, exhibit, or present the work submitted to this competition in any format and in any medium with proper credit to the entrant(s).

All the entries are to be considered as part of any future public consultation material for the town centre.

6.11 Prizes

All money prizes are to be considered honoraria. They do not constitute a contract of consultancy or services between the sponsors and the competitors in any way.

6.12 Insurances

No professional indemnity insurance is required of competitors entering this competition. Though it may be required to take up the post of Design Champion.

6.13 Receipt of Entries

All entries will be confirmed by e-mail. Any entry that misses the deadline will be disqualified.

6.14 Return of materials

Competitors are advised to make a copy of their entries. Originals cannot be returned.

6.15 Questions

No questions shall be asked and none answered, save to clarify any ambiguity in the brief, rules and conditions.

If an ambiguity becomes apparent the sponsors may modify the brief and re publish it on this website at any time. If changes are required, or clarifications made, these will be noted on an addenda page.

6.16 Point of contact

Any questions regarding ambiguities must be sent by email to by 31 July 2014.

For all other purposes the point of contact is:

Paul McGarry

6.17 Status of the brief

The whole of the brief is to be read alongside these rules and any instructions, recommendations or statements within it are to be read as further clarification of the completion rules and as a part of them.

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